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Woodleigh Farms Ltd. – Cavan Fresh


Maple Syrup, Cat Grass, plants, seedlings, perennials, firewood, corn, soybeans, wheat, oats, straw, hay

  • Naturally Grown
  • Country Store
528 Sharpe Line, Cavan, ON L0A 1C0, Canada, Ontario L0A 1C0

Our offerings include maple syrup, a large vegetable market garden and greenhouse operation (plants, seedlings, perennials) as well as diverse crop production which includes the harvesting of firewood, corn, soybeans, wheat, oats, straw and hay.

In 2020 we constructed a passive solar greenhouse. This is a year round facility which we will use to grow food, start plants and house perennials using only passive heating methods such as a climate battery (subterrainian geothermal system), energy mass storage and heat sinks (earthship) technologies.

Situated adjacent to our home is our 3 acre market garden.  Growing seasonal fruits and vegetables, and irrigating using a gravity fed system from our spring fed pond.

All of our produce is grown following organic and sustainable practices.

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Phone: (705) 944-5403
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