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Troll Bridge Creek Inc.


Canadian Maple Water, Maple Blueberry Water, Maple Cranberry Water, Maple Strawberry Water, Maple Lemon Water

212 George Street, Arthur, ON N0G 1A0, Canada, Ontario N0G 1A0

Troll Bridge Creek Inc. is the only company to provide beverages made with 100% Ontario Maple Sap. A functional beverage that provides a healthy alternative to high fructose sports or energy drinks.

Maple water is the name that the industry decided to call Maple Sap. Maple Sap is the term for the liquid that comes from the tree. It is present in every tree and is utilized by the tree to move energy and nutrients between the roots to the leaves. During the freezing winter months the maple tree stores the sap in the roots. As the weather warms up in the spring the sap moves up to the branches to provide these nutrients to grow the new leaves.

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Phone: (519) 848-2231
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