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Quality Sheep Milk


Plain Yogurt, Sheep Cheddar Cheese, Sheep Feta, Pecorino Romano, Smoked Feta, Manchego, Gouda

  • Naturally Grown
383747 Salford Road, Salford, ON N0J 1W0, Canada, Ontario N0J 1W0

Quality Sheep Milk is the marketing arm of an Oxford County dairy sheep and goat farm totaling 128 acres.

The sheep and goats are milked twice a day and are fed dry hay with Non G.M.O. grain diet. Currently around half the milk produced from our 200 dairy sheep that are summer pastured is sent to Federal licensed dairies to manufacture.

Yogurt and fine cheeses which are then returned to the farm cool store for distribution. The rest of the sheep milk at the moment,being sold wholesale along with the total milk from our 400 dairy goats.To complement our existing range of products we are currently selling Manchego from Spain, a range of Pecorino's from Italy and a blue from France.

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Phone: (519) 485-5405
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